Why is Veterans to Farmers Important?

Veterans – VTF helps Veterans  assimilate effectively, productively and permanently into private citizenry by training them in Controlled Environment Agriculture that leads to business ownership.

Neighborhoods – The establishment or re-establishment of farms increases commerce, revenues, the area’s tax base, and food security.

Consumers – Increased production of organic, local vegetables with renewable energy technologies and sustainable growing methods improves the long-term health of the community by providing access to clean, fresh, hyper-local food for all.

Our Ecological System – The expansion of industrial agricultural has placed considerable pressure on America’s rural land and natural resources. VTF leverages growing methods that use only 10% of the land and 10% of the water used in traditional agriculture, while producing 10x the yield.

Towards a Local Food Future

“We are in a time of extraordinary opportunity. After a decade of seismic shocks to our country from global terrorism to deep recessions and major national disasters, each of the three legs of sustainability-the environment, the economy, and the social equity of our communities-is in crisis. Yet throughout this time a movement has grown which brings great hope for a more healthy, sustainable and prosperous future. It is the movement to produce, access, secure and consume good and healthy food. People are re-awakening to the fact that food is not only the basis for our health but it is also at the basis of traditions, customs and culture that bind us together as family and community.”

– Jim Cochran and Larry Yee, Food Commons 2.0