Military veterans in Denver metro area use gardening as a form of therapy

DENVER, CO. - MAY 20: A mix of house greens at Dirtless Farms in  Denver, CO May 20, 2015. Marine Corps Veteran Buck Adams founded Veterans to Farmers, a  program that trains Veterans in hydroponic farming, greenhouse maintenance and construction, and business operations. (Photo By Craig F. Walker / The Denver Post)

  By Joanne Davidson The Denver Post Veterans to Farmers, a nonprofit organization that Marine veteran Buck Adams launched to help other vets develop skills that would enable them to go into business for themselves, is poised to take farming to the next level. Adams, 44, is in negotiations to purchase a 50-acre parcel in the metro area that he will turn into an "agro-park" with an 18-acre greenhouse, five acres indoors devoted to salmon aquaculture and 300 employees — all military Read More

Dirtless Farms, working with other vets to help them adjust to civilian life.


By: Russell Haythorn - Channel 7 News Denver WATCH HERE  DENVER - After 15 years of service to our country, Evan Premer was looking for a change of pace. In fact, he desperately needed one. "I had a hard time finding work. I was struggling with some PTSD," said the vet who was deployed Read More

War Veterans Turn to Farming to Cope with PTSD


BY LAUREN ROTHMAN -    Last year was a historic one for veterans seeking a rehabilitative career path upon returning home from conflict zones. 2014’s Farm Bill, which was a disappointment in some areas—notably when it comes to food stamps—recognized veterans as a distinct class of Read More

From Guns to Greens

Veterans to Farmers program

By Elana Ashanti Jefferson Special to The Denver Post Blood may be thicker than water, but for Evan and Esther Premer, water is the family lifeblood. This mother-son duo runs the Aero Farm Co., a Lakewood garden business that relies on hydroponic towers to produce roughly 150 pounds of fresh Read More

Training our Protectors to be Providers

Read the full article: Training Our Protectors to be Providers Veterans to Farmers (VTF) is a Denver-based non-profit that tackles two complex issues in highly innovative ways. Since the U.S. began withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009, scores of men and women have returned home to Read More

Farming a Future for Veterans

Read the origional article in modern farmer by Sam Brasch The military taught Evan Premer not to waste time fixing a problem. On a day at the front end of summer, his indoor farm felt about 10 degrees too hot. He pulled a knife from his pocket and began to score the ribbed siding of the Read More

Redeploying the Family Farm

Evan Premer is the latest grower who is re-inventing the idea of the traditional American farm. With the help of Veterans to Farmers, community grants and private support, Evan launched Colorado’s first vertical farm, AeroFarmCo, in Lakewood, Colo., this March. Even though he didn’t grow up on a Read More